WordPress Flickr Plugins to get more options for displaying images

in CMS,WordPress, - February 2, 2015

WordPress Flickr Manager and Flickr Gallery Widget Plugins

Addons for Flickr include a large variety of addons like importation of Flickr shortcodes as well as media sourced from Flickr to the Library of Media. This enables you to turn content of post shortcodes into links that contain the image in the Media Library. Then there are worpdress modules that integrate your Flickr account to your WP website, such as creating a gallery for showcasing the albums from Flickr to the blog of WP.


Options and more options when it comes to image display

They are very translation friendly. There are modules that let you choose whether you wish to show you photos on Flickr through the image site’s own widget or through another extension that provides a separate slideshow. The photos may also be displayed using wordpress addons that setup the photo-streams from your Flickr account and set them up in your WP site in a layout that is really aesthetically pleasing. This includes grid formats that are completely editable, allowing you to set how high each row will be.


Embed slideshows and more into you posts

Modules enable your each and every single post to contain pictures from Flickr. The modules for Flickr have responsive designs and may also consist of visual enhancements such as Lightbox. For more such modules with amazing designs, head to BestPlugins, which has varied addons’ collection.


Premium Plugins


Slickr Flickr Pro – Displays Flickr photos as a gallery



Free Plugins


Flickr Badges Widget – Display your Flickr photostream in a sidebar



  • Flickr-Photostream


    By miromannino.com
  • Responsive-Flickr-Gallery


    By ocx.de
  • Flickr-Album-Gallery


    By weblizar.com
  • Flickr-Justified-Gallery


    By miromannino.com
  • Flickr-set-slideshows


    By Dourou
  • WordPress-Flickr-Embed


    By factage.com/yu-ji
  • Pick-a-Picture


    By 3nodos.com.ar
  • Alpine-PhotoTile-for-Flickr


    By theAlpinePress



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