8 Plugins that enhance Fundraising activities on WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - February 2, 2015

WordPress Donation and Nonprofit Plugins

WordPress addons for online fundraising on WP allow you to expand the base you have for fundraising through such actions as enabling organizations let fans and constituents make their very own online custom fundraisers through donations via PayPal or alternate methods of payment. Other addons make it easier to manage your fundraising activities through interesting means like providing a thermometer that tracks all fundraising activities, or creating impactful fundraising letters.


Fun ways to track progress and organize fundrasings

There are many interesting extensions that enhance fundraising activities on WP. The fundraising thermometer addons allow complete customization, such as choosing what design the thermometer’s skin will be, integrating it with third party merchants like PayPal, place them on widgets, enable a different thermometer for every page. WordPress extensions organize and streamline the fundraising process by displaying the goal you wish to reach, in the form of a widget that is simple and customizable through CSS and create fundraising letters.


Create teams for fundraisings and much more

Modules available allow administrators to assign teams with whom those wishing to buy may associate their orders to organize competitions for fundraising. Or you may wish to send your donors customized gifts to show them your gratitude, for which there are many extensions. Apart from these, there are many more amazing fundraising plugins for WP in the repository of BestPlugins, which you should take a look at.


Premium Plugins


Galaxy Funder





jQuery Goal Thermometer


  • jQuery-Goal-Thermometer

    Premium 5$


Universe Funder



Free Plugins

  • Fundraising-Thermometer


    By thisismyurl.com
  • Olimometer


    By Oshingler
  • Personal-Fundraiser


    By resplendentdev.com
  • Basic-Funding-Tracker


    By celloexpressions.com
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