Make your visitors to buy personalized gift certificates with wordpress plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - February 2, 2015

Free and Premium Gift Certificate Plugins for WP

Gift certificate wordpress modules are amazing additions to the WP site that enable functionalities such as managing and selling certificates that can be printed on your site, then receive payments through various means, such as PayPal. Often these modules enable some form of payment gateway or another.


Monetize your WordPress website

WordPress extensions for gift certificates include options for visitors to buy personalized gift certificates like custom gift certificates or blank gift certificates. There are gift certificate maker modules for hooking up your site with merchants online like PayPal, making the processing of payments easier. Other extensions provide a number of payment gateways, which means you do not have to use a third party like PayPal. Such addons work with almost any themes used for WP. Visitors are able to make printouts of the e gift certificates and QR code scanning enables you to manage the certificates that have been redeemed.


Easy management and use of gift certificates

There are addons where you may establish shopping carts based on cloud storage that combine all sales platforms into a single interface, enabling smoother functioning of the sites that bring you income. Such brilliant modules and more may be found among the vast collections of BestPlugins which contains a large number of addons.


Woocommerce Gift Card

  • Woocommerce Gift Card1

    Premium 24$


WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro

  • Gift-Certificates-Pro

    Premium 89$


Gift Cards




  • jvouchers1

    Free and Premium 24$


Smart Coupons



Gift Certificates


  • Gift-Certificates

    Premium 49$


WP Gift Certificate Lite


  • WP-Gift-Certificate-Lite



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