WordPress Plugins to create your Custom Glossary

in CMS,WordPress, - March 21, 2015

Free and Premium Glossary Plugins for WP

Does your WordPress website have a lot of content? Are you tired of having to repeat the definitions of numerous terms in all your text in order to give them more context? Then you might just be in the market for a glossary. Not only will they help you save time from creating duplicate content, but will also keep all your key terms and definitions well organized.



Glossary with Advanced Features

Glossaries or mini dictionaries, although useful, have a bad name for being boring and unengaging. But, now you can change all that with these superb wordpress plugins, which you can use to build your very own glossary on your WordPress site. Most free glossary plugins come loaded with a simple and easy to use drag and drop interface that allows you to drag your content and definitions without having to type them over.


Create your Custom Glossary with Ease

These wordpress plugins easily allow you to link the terms on your posts to the definitions in the glossary, saving you even more time. These extensions typically give you the option to display term definitions in a balloon around the word, or take the user to another page and display the meaning.


  • My Content Glossary


    By joedolson.com
  • Tooltip Glossary Remote Import

    Premium 19$

    By cminds.com
  • Tooltips Pro

    Premium 9$

    By tooltips.org
  • WP Glossary


    By tcbarrett.com
  • Encyclopedia Pro

    Premium 28$

    By dennishoppe.de
  • myinstantglossary

    Premium 45$

    By myinstantblog.com
  • Glossy


    By croberts.me
  • AZ Glossary Taxonomy Index

    Premium 15$

    By Idibiasi
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