WordPress Plugins to add Google Search to your site

in CMS,WordPress, - March 30, 2015

Free and Premium Google Search Plugins for WP

Google search addons make it easier to use its famous search functions. These wordpress modules are able to perform functions like adding the custom search function of Google, add markups to the homepage, gain information on the rank of your WP website on various search engines, etc.


Enormously efficient search options

There are wordpress addons that allow you to bring the custom Google search to the WP website by functioning on the side of the server and working without any need for JavaScript, which in turn keeps such extensions lightweight. Other modules provide sitelink search boxes that enable users to get to results quicker. These sitelink search boxes enable users to perform two searches simultaneously, first reaching the main site and then at the same time allowing the search within that site to be conducted.


Integrate Google search into WordPress

Through modules that replace the default search options on WP with the classic Google search bar. If you wish to know what your ranking is on Google when people type specific keywords, then you can use a plugin that goes through the Google domains of various countries. For more such excellent plugins, you should go to BestPlugins, a large collection of such extensions.


WP Google Search


Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search


  • Google,-Yahoo-&-Bing-Live-Search

    Premium 14$


Custom Google Search


  • Custom-Google-Search

    Premium 19$


Real Time Search



Search Everything



WP Google Search


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