WordPress Headline Plugins – Add flavor and efficiency to the articles

in CMS,WordPress, - March 30, 2015

Free and Premium Headline Plugins for WP

Headline wordpress extensions add flavor and efficiency to the articles you produce on your WP sites. They perform a plethora of activities like having images automatically made for your titles of entry, thus enabling you to use fonts that are not the standard in usual headlines.


Varied plugins for various headlines

WordPress modules exist to create and install widgets on the site and allow users to place it from the panel of Administration to anywhere on the site. It will then bring up important headlines for various things, like sports. Then there are the addons that display in responsive designs the news headlines you may choose and then present it in the form of a slider in the typing style,


Full customizable addons for the headlines

You can use plugins to produce headlines in any manner you may wish and then place them wherever you can on your WordPress site. Then there are those modules that hook up a particular news site and let your WordPress site show the headlines as well as thumbnails of such leading media houses on a bar on the side. The headlines may be customized, going as far as allowing the user to choose which ones are allowed to be displayed. For more such modules, visit BestPlugins which has a huge collection.





Split Testing Headlines


  • Split-Testing-Headlines

    Premium 24$








KingSumo Headlines


  • KingSumo-Headlines1

    Premium 99$


News Headline Ticker



Guardian News Headlines



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