WordPress Hit Counter Plugins to track your visitors

in CMS,WordPress, - March 30, 2015

Free and Premium Hit Counter Plugins for WP

Hit counter wordpress plugins are a great addition to any WP website or blog since they allow you to easily keep track of how many visitors you have had on your site. The visitor counter is extremely efficient and simple to use, and successfully maintains a record of the pages visited on your blog, the hits as well as the unique IPs on your blog. One of the best sites to download your WordPress Hit Counter plugin from is BestPlugins, which has a huge range of different types of WordPress plugins, and allows you to incorporate the most function-rich and suitably styled visitor counters to your WordPress blog.


Different types of WordPress Hit Counter Plugins available

Every blog has a distinct look of its own and thankfully, you can now download a hit counter plugin that matches the theme of the blog since they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns but offer the same basic function of keeping count of the total number of visitors.


Varying Features of the WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins

The basic function of this plugin is to keep track of the number of visitors to your blog but the presentation may vary. While some plugins simply display a number, others show off the visitors on a world map. When people from all over the world access the blog, the corresponding sections of the map tend to light up.


Visitor Map Plugin


  • Visitor-Map-Plugin

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Hit Counter



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POWr Hit Counter



Hit Counter Max


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