WordPress Htaccess Plugins to protect your site

in CMS,WordPress, - March 30, 2015

Free and Premium Htaccess Plugins for WP

Htaccess plugins make it possible to add security to your WP blog or website, by controlling who has access to your site, through the hostname of the client, IP address, etc. among other aspects of a request made by a client. These wordpress plugins often work on the dual directives that consist of Allow and Deny.


Different levels of htaccess plugins

WordPress Extensions allow the establishment of an interface that may then be used for customization of the htaccess file that is created as well as the permalinks like author, pagination, archives, category, etc. Functions consist of removal of slug base, bases of categories from permalinks as well as bases of authors. Other addons perform the simple function of adding editors of file types of htaccess to the page showing the available tools.


Different modifications to htaccess and more

Using wordpress modules, you can modify the htaccess files to perform redirections, so that requests by certain visitors might take them to new locations away from your website. Then there are modules that allow you to perform edits of the htaccess file even without a client for File Transfer Protocol. BestPlugins is an exhaustive collection of such modules that you must check out.

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