12 WordPress jQuery Image Slider Plugins – Awesome effects

in CMS,WordPress, - March 2, 2015

Free and Premium jQuery Image Slider Plugins for WP

WordPress modules for JQuery image sliders allow wonderful things, like awesome effects of a visual nature. This includes wizards for Creative Popups that come integrated and a wizard for creating amazing sliders for previewing live. These wordpress sliders may scroll in the horizontal direction and may be placed at any location in the website.


All sorts of sliders possible

wordpress extensions often come with templates of professional grade quality. Image sliders may be set up quickly through these templates and JQuery wizards that enable point and click functions. These make an image slider responsive and are available also in the CSS form, should users not wish to use JavaScript for some reason. They work on all browsers as well as devices and are very friendly when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.


Completely customizable image sliders

Infinite numbers of such slider images are possible with such JQuery responsive image slider addons for WP. A single post may have a large number of sliders and they are very compatible with most major internet browsers. Plugins may also be based on cloud storage and allow easy customization of image sliders even when the website is active. For more such JQuery image slider, please visit the large collection at BestPlugins.


Fancy 7



jQuery Image Slider


  • the-best-jquery-image-slider01

    Premium 24$


Before After Image or Content Slider


  • Before-After-Image01

    Premium 15$


Nivo Slider



jQuery Scroller



jQuery Slider Shock


  • jQuery-Slider-Shock01

    Premium 19$


Master Slider jQuery


  • Master Slider jQuery

    Premium 17$





Hi Slider



Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3


  • Fullscreen-Slit-Slider-with-jQuery-and-CSS301



Cyclone Slider 2



WP Responsive Jquery Slider


  • WP-Responsive-Jquery-Slider


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