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in CMS,WordPress, - March 2, 2015

Free and Premium Latest News for WP

A WordPress plugin can perform such functions as enabling the latest news to be entered through the menu for Administration as well as add tags that output these items of latest news on the WP template. This enables you to write the items as customized posts on your WordPress site, then use the tag plugins for templates to put them out. The menu entry enables the ability to access breaking news in the same manner you would access categories.



Various ways of sharing the latest news

There are mods that may hook up with leading newspapers and integrate their news items on to your WordPress website. They are easy to install as all one requires is shortcode. Then there are wordpress modules that generate news ticker rotator or display the latest news or comments through a bar that is capable of animations, the bar being fully customizable and allowing you to decide which group of visitors it shall be visible to.


Customize how the latest news is displayed

Modules exist that can allow you to display posts on your WordPress site containing news by adding many effects such as sliders ad themes. BestPlugins has many such amazing latest news addons and you should definitely look there for finding what you are looking for.

Newsletters, Post Notifications


  • mailpoet

    Free and Premium 84$


Live News



WP Latest Posts



Breaking News Ticker


  • Breaking-News-Ticker01

    Premium 10$


Latest News Ticker PRO


  • Latest-News-Ticker-PRO01

    Premium 19$


Recent Global Posts


  • Recent-Global-Posts01

    Premium 19$


SP News and Scrolling Widgets


  • SP-News-and-Scrolling-Widgets01



Latest News Marquee



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