13+ Best WordPress Plugins for LinkedIn Promotion

in CMS,WordPress, - January 24, 2015

Free and Premium LinkedIn Plugins for WP

The wordpress LinkedIn plugins let you add different parts of your LinkedIn profile account to your wordpress blog or website. The WordPress plugin  provides that can be used for inserting their LinkedIn account into any WordPress site or blog page. The WordPress LinkedIn extension also comes with a rotating scroller that makes scrolling of the LinkedIn profile possible after been placed in the WP site.


Access different types of widgets

The wordpress modules feature numerous widgets for different purposes. One of the widget displays recommendation scroller while the other one displays the user’s network updates. Then there are also those widgets that visualize profile cards relating to standard LinkedIn Jscript profiles and customizable templates.


Integrating LinkedIn with those personal web pages

WordPress LinkedIn modules make it easier for you to carry out LinkedIn integration with your Personal WP websites and blogs. Get your business stand out tall with these integration factors through the WP LinkedIn plugins. You can easily display, change, or hide the widget title. If you want to access more high quality WordPress LinkedIn plugins, then visit BestPlugins. Pick and download the best and premium plugins for free from this effective site.


GD LinkedIn Badge


  • GD-LinkedIn-Badge

    Free and Premium 120$


WP LinkedIn for Companies

  • WP-LinkedIn-for-Companiess

    Premium 41$


LinkedIn Post Planner/Scheduler

  • LinkedIn-Post-Planner

    Premium 17$


WP LinkedIn Multi-Users

  • WP-LinkedIn-Multi-Userss

    Premium 62$


Social Monitor

  • Social-Monitor

    Free and Premium 8$


Social Network Tabs

  • Social-Network-Tabss

    Premium 14$


Linkedin Auto Publish


Social Login


FP LinkedIn Profile


WordPress Social Ring


LinkedIn Auto Publish


FB LinkedIn Resume


LinkedIn Master


WP LinkedIn

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