Frontend Login and Registration Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - April 28, 2015

Free and Premium Login Registration Plugins for WP

Several benefits are made available with WP user login registration addons, such as creating a widget for logging in at the sidebar, empowering your WordPress website with Ajax effects for login and registration, giving visitors a chance to not use the conventional pages for WordPress login. Such wordpress modules give you control over deciding the URLs where customers end up after logging in and logging out.


Completely customizable login and registration process

Extensions for WordPress frontend registration offer full customization options such as creating more fields in addition and making necessities for users to fill whichever fields you may deem important. Thus, you may add completely custom fields and make them mandatory to be filled in by those visitors who wish to register in your WordPress site, thus gaining useful information specific to your needs. Moreover, this is a very important step in preventing people from spamming your site with multiple redundant registrations.


Important visual changes and other alterations fully possible

Other wordpress addons enable you to synchronize the login and registration pages with the theme your WordPress site is using or even make it possible to embed the login options on to any page, thus hiding generic WordPress login pages. For more such exciting and useful modules, you should visit BestPlugins, a huge repository of useful addons.


Front End Registration


  • Front-End-Registration01

    Premium 10$





Profile Builder Pro


  • Profile-Builder-Pro01

    Premium 59$


Login Widget Pro


  • Login-Widget-Pro01

    Premium 39$


Login Redirect



Peter’s Login Redirect


  • Peter's-Login-Redirect01



Pie Register



Theme My Login



New User Approve






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