Login Security Plugins that protect your WordPress site

in CMS,WordPress, - April 28, 2015

Free and Premium Login Security Plugins for WP

WordPress login security extensions enhance the ability to protect your WordPress website by adding security options like recording login attempts that fail or succeed, thus allowing you to observe whether any malicious program is attempting to attack your website with the application of brute force. This is a process where a program attempts to figure out passwords by repeatedly trying various combinations of alphabets and numbers.


Security for singular as well as multiple sites

wordpress Modules for login security perform functions such as tracking down IP addresses, passwords and usernames, then observing each submission of forms and seeing if failures match a pattern of failures made in the past. The wordpress addons are able to make response times slower on the website as a precautionary measure, logging out the user whose account has been hacked so that they may reset the password immediately to gain further access.


Various kinds of login security

There are all sorts of security options for the login process, provided by plugins, such as logging in using captcha codes and customizing when the captcha is necessary. The plugins also enable IP address blocking, thus allowing you to bar certain addresses from accessing your site after observing their login attempts. BestPlugins consists of a large variety of such modules and it would greatly benefit you to look there.




  • s2member01

    Free and Premium 89$


WP Security Manager


  • WP-Security-Manager01

    Premium 16$


WordPress Security Questions


  • Wordpress-Security-Questions01

    Premium 11$


BulletProof Security Pro


  • BulletProof-Security-Pro01

    Premium 59$


Smart Security Tools


  • Smart-Security-Tools01

    Premium 20$


WordPress Security



Security Ninja



Login Ninja



Acunetix WP Security



Login Security



Login Security Solution


  • Login-Security-Solution01







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