17+ Best of WordPress Membership Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - August 13, 2014

Membership plugins for WordPress site makes it easy for subscribers to use all the products and services on your site. Readers get to use the website in a full-fledged manner, deriving the maximum benefit out from website.  The benefit of having a WordPress membership plugin is that there is no need to worry about writing the code and installing many other set of functionalities in order to put value-additions like different payment options. All you have to do is install the plugin and activate; you are good to go.


Premium WordPress Membership Plugins


A Complete, Scalable Membership System


Install Membership Pro to get multi tier subscription structures, a plethora of universal payment options, easy change of subscription plans, automated emails and newsletters to clients and a protected payment system for making secure transactions through your website.


A Powerful Membership Plugin for WordPress


Trust s2member to protect your wordpress posts, portions of your content on websites, pages, tags and even your downloadable files and other media files easily. With plenty of payment options, easily configurable code lines and easy integration, this is a must have for you.



Create compelling WordPress membership sites


You can create, manage and track membership subscriptions, sell digital download products, revoke or grant access to pages or limit access to some portions of site, use universal payment gateways for the site and offer automatic re-subscriptions using the Memberpress plugin.


Paid Membership Pro – Easiest way to GET PAID


Install the Paid Membership Pro plugin to monetize your site in a few clicks, include features like plethora of payment gateways, subscription packages, way to choose content and control downloadable content and get paid for offering e-learning services and digital courseware.


Easy to Use WordPress Membership Plugin


Membermouse helps you to set up subscription plans, allow users to upgrade or lower memberships, offer plenty of payment options, offer protected areas and services to members, sell products directly from site and manage all the members from one place.


Magic Members – Simplicity and Intuitiveness


With the Magic Members Plugin you can control all the subscription plans of the members, offer pay per post services, manage downloads and prevent unpaid downloads, assign separate fees for various categories on your site and offer a range of payment options.


Fully Automated Membership Plugin


The WPmember plugin makes it easy to customize the various membership levels, offer direct newsletters and notifications to members, let users upgrade or downgrade memberships easily and pay only for services they choose and securely post things in their membership areas.


Infinite membership levels and Unlimited members


Using the Memberwing plugin you can easily set up membership facility in any website, sell content and areas of site in customized way, secure and enhance multi page content using SEO, track member activity and also provide flexibility of choosing membership plans and content.


Restrict Content Pro


Restrict Membership Pro Plugin allows you to restrict content on website to members, offer  preferential discounts as per your wish to members, distinguish free, trail and premium features, track payments and automated invoices and also generate automated newsletters for members.


Premium WordPress Membership Platform


The Digital Access Pass Plugin allows you to implement membership models and content strategies favoring your site, integrate plethora of payment options, customize content and pay accordingly, protect content with secure servers and offer free automated newsletters to the users.


User Profiles Made Easy


User Profiles Made Easy plugin allows you to set up a user friendly login page, customize the forms with the theme of your site, offer options on the login page itself to assist users, control and manage the user data and offer personalized pages once the user is logged in, depending on his status.


PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin


Private Content is a great plugin with features like multilevel login areas in the user accounts, private areas for registered users only, user data management features, content protection from unregistered users and private pages for users who want to register with the site.


Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Let’s say you have an eCommerce website set up and have Paypal as a payment processor, which is good. But then, a maximum number of people would rather shop with their credit card. So with a membership plugin for WordPress, you can make it possible for your customers to pay through a payment form of their preference – Paypal or credit cards.

WordPress membership plugins are not just about payment processors; there are so many plugins that enhance the value of any website and make it customer-friendly enough for people to sign up on the site and its numerous features.  For instance, you are offering different levels of membership – gold, silver and bronze for your members at various prices; you may need premium plugins to serve the purpose.

It is always better to include quality products and content on the website to increase the conversion rates. With more innovation and interesting products and services, backed with good quality membership plugins, people can readily sign up for membership to access the premium features on your site.

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