WordPress Mp3 Plugins to include easy audio file streaming

in CMS,WordPress, - January 23, 2015

Free and Premium Mp3 Plugins for WP

WordPress plugins offers you the option to include easy audio file streaming for your WordPress sites. The WordPress mp3 plugin definitely helps in expanding the native short codes of WordPress sites while integrating new range of options and functionalities, thus providing better options to set up the music playlist.


Experience flexibility and integration like never before

The WordPress extensions are extremely flexible audio plugins that allow the opportunity to include infinite numbers of music players to the posts, templates, sidebars, and pages. Visitors can also download music files from the pages. The WordPress mp3 modules can be perfectly integrated with the default audio player of WordPress. Customisation is easy. The MP3 player design page has options to customise the placements of image, fonts, title, and colour schemes. The mp3 WordPress plugins also feature a completely integrated pop-out player that can be launched either as a standalone pop-out link or from the playlist players.


Support for wider range of formats

The WordPress mp3 plugins support a wider range of audio file extensions, namely .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .webm, .oga, .ogg, and .wav. There is also the option for custom fields for managing the playlists. Additional benefits include the playback support via the HTML5 wherever applicable. You can visit BestPlugins to pick from the widest collection of mp3 plugins for WordPress sites. All premium and best quality plugins are available for free download from this site.

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