9 WordPress Plugins That make Navigation Easier

in CMS,WordPress, - January 10, 2015

Top Premium WordPress Plugins for Navigation

WordPress Plugins allows users to hand mold navigation bars, but the WordPress navigation plugin enables them to master the skill. The plugins allow users to change the structure, display style, tweak navigation menu management and lots more with simple to use options. In general, the navigation plugins can be subdivided to those that enhance the page management functionalities and page structure and those that allow control over the front end. With most plugins powered by jQuery, the navigation bar is assured to get a lively makeover with the addons as well.

WordPress Navigation Plugins 5

Plugins That make Navigation Through the Admin Panel Easier

Control the structure of your webpage by ordering the pages using the drag & drop interface of the plugin, and have a quick overview of the administration section pages using the expand/close tree options as well. The advanced options of the wordpress extensions allow users to create direct links from the admin menu and add pages inside a post with ease from the menu navigation.


Twist and Form the Navigation Menu like a pro

The jQuery powered plugins also ensure a brilliant aesthetic appeal allowing users to manipulate size, height, color, transparency of the navigation menus with ease. Also change the orientation, drop down style, mobile navigation hierarchy with the plugins as well. Visit BestPlugins to locate top notch plugins with instantly and use them with peace of mind.


Wah-Menu For WordPress

  • Wah-Menu For Wordpress

    Premium $27



  • AllWebMenus Pro

    Premium 65$ (Free Trail Available)


WordPress Menufication

  • Wordpress Menufication

    Premium 17$


UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

  • UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

    Premium 18$


Admin Menu Editor Pro

  • Admin Menu Editor Pro

    Premium 19$


Path Style Menu – WordPress

  • Path Style Menu - WordPress

    Premium 17$


Menu Cart Pro


UI-Pro Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar for WP

  • Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar for WP

    Premium 7$


Multi-X Bar


Responsive Select Menu


Advanced Menu Widget


Widgetize Navigation Menu


Multi-level Navigation Plugin


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