WordPress Plugins to embed Newspaper Text into your site

in CMS,WordPress, - April 28, 2015

Free and Premium Newspaper Plugins for WP

WP extensions add a lot of capabilities like selecting various newspaper themes or allowing the WordPress blog to have access to layouts that turn it into a newspaper by hooking it up to services on the internet that create PDF format files that may be printed and also added to the blog via an upload.


Various newspaper options

Addons exist to create security options such as generating a captcha that may enable users to perform digitization of books, antique radio shows and newspapers. If you wish to generate online documents that may be completely browsed just through providing mere PDF files, then there are modules that provide HTML5 readers. Publishing services on the internet are used by such addons to process page flipping media publications electronically in the form of digital books or catalogs. Then there are wordpress plugins that can allow your posts on the WordPress site to be arranged in the format and style of a newspaper, through creating several columns with quick-tags fully customizable.


Monetization options and much more

Turn your blog or site into a commercial newspaper through modules that can enable and process micropayments. Visitors to the site who wish to access your posts and other creations shall then have to pay an amount specified by you, to access the content. BestPlugins is an amazing library of such newspaper modules and you should definitely visit it.


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