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in CMS,WordPress, - January 7, 2015

Top Free Noindex Nofollow Plugins for WP

There are many, many no index modules available for use, such as several tags for templates, with relation to a loop’s placement inside the listing of posts for the loop. Various loops are utilized in order to relate to the location of the post currently under observation inside that very loop. Then there are shortcodes of index, fully customizable, that produce page lists that can directly be called through buttons in editors of HTML as well as TinyMCE.


Create all sorts of deindexing

There are WordPress modules that provide a post index which is possible to be used on any post or page. Such addons create a summary of all the posts of blogs that may be found then listing them by order of alphabets or some other means. More fields may be added. The WordPress modules perform functions of deindexing, on such objects as WP forms for login, including the search engine, snipper of scaps, image lurking, descriptions that are bad, translations that are improbable or incorrect or previews that are slow.


Various other index functions

There are extensions enabling other search server really fast and rich searches on the WP website or enable the robots tag. These robots index follow the user’s decision in letting only the first site page be indexed or the entire website itself. BestPlugins, a module library, is an excellent place to find such addons, so you should check it out.


Site Maintenance and Noindex Nofollow


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Noindex Attachment Pages


Download Plugin


Thin Content Manager



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LionScripts: Site Maintenance & Noindex Nofollow Plugin


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Noindex Total


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Noindex Password-Protected Posts


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Noindex (login) WordPress no Indexing


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Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II


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Noindex Links


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