10+ WordPress Password Plugins to Protect your Site

in CMS,WordPress, - April 18, 2015

Top Free and Premium Password Extensions /Addons for WordPress

If you’re concerned about your website’s security, you rightly should! With so many hackers and fraudsters out there, it’s only logical to want to protect your website from unauthorized access. These great password plugins for your WordPress website are focused solely on keeping all your sensitive data safe. Choose from a variety of different plugins that password protects your content or images and videos, or both!


Protect your entire site with a single password

Whether you’re looking to restrict your entire site, password protect a particular section or even keep private images or videos protected, these intuitive password plugins are the ideal tool for the job. These wordpress extensions will help you maximize your efficiency, by requiring nothing more than a password to get access to any content on your site. Different password plugins provide different security options for different aspects of your website, so make sure you download the one that’s best for you.

Password-protect your WordPress Content

Most categories of password modules for WordPress allow you to add varied levels of security to your WordPress content. You can set single passwords to protect your whole site, password-protect a particular feed on your site or even allow administrators access, without having to enter a password at all!


  • wordfence

    Free and Premium 3$

User Registration


  • User Registration

    Free and Premium 29$





Password Protected



Profile Builder Pro


  • Profile Builder Pro


Password Protect



Password Protect WordPress


  • Password Protect WordPress



Frontend Users



BulletProof Security Pro


  • BulletProof Security Pro

    Premium 59$


iThemes Security Pro


  • iThemes Security Pro

    Premium 80$


Smart Passworded Pages


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