5 Plugins to Display Banners on WordPress Site

in CMS,WordPress, - August 4, 2014

Looking for professionally designed banners that are high quality and free at the same time? Look no further because the premium Banner plugins for wordpress are the ultimate tools for advertising and are extremely user friendly. Using these plugins, you can create and manage your banners at the same time and also keep a track on the statistics with regard to the revenue generated by your banners. These plugins are completely responsive and also jQuery free so jQuery conflicts do not bother you at all. You do not have to worry about the accessibility of your banners on mobile devices as these plugins feature advanced scaling techniques that make them readable on smaller screens too.


Besides, they support all Google fonts. So far as management is concerned, you can manage all your banners from a single admin page and there is no restriction on the number of banners you create. Also, you can add as many slogans as you like, the only restriction being the number that fits in your banner. Best of all, you can use the same banner for multiple pages and use multiple banners on the same page. Use as many slides as you like and auto- play your banner to get a preview of what your advertisement looks like. Editing with these plugins is easy as pie and you can also insert your custom CSS from the admin page. You can use top- rated plugins for banner management to have complete control over banner rotation, statistics and other features.

ZoomShowcase - Responsive Banner for WordPress
Banner Rotator / Content Slider WordPress Plugin
Useful Banner Manager Premium
Useful Banner Manager
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