12+ WordPress Plugins to Manage Social Media

in CMS,WordPress, - May 6, 2015

Sharing on social media is something everyone does, and for businesses, it has become all the more important as it gets them the traffic they are in need of. Marketing campaigns are incomplete without integration of your website with social media features. Social Media Plugins for WordPress allow your users to share your content on social media and you can make your offers and discounts known to a number of people using these premium plugins. Social marketing is now the top method of making a quick splash into the market and you can use it to attract visitors to your wordpress site with some incentives such as a coupon, discount code or a free download.


Your visitors ‘like’ your post or page or re-tweet- all this gets your posts more attention from prospective customers. Install these plugins to share content on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Reddit and other social media platforms. Some plugins also feature fixed Twitter & Tumblr share redirect links and all of them essentially come with a tool tip with social icons feature. With improved CSS support across all browsers and an added functionality for manual inserting, the best that these plugins can do for you is they have a variety of options and manners to display the icons or posts on your WordPress website. Help your visitors spread the word using these plugins with just one click and make the best use of social sharing to make your marketing successful.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
Floating Social
Social Network Tabs For Wordpress
Social Marketing
SocialWiggle Pro
WordPress Social Share Buttons
Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin
Share Buttons by AddThis
Social Media Widget
Floating Social Media Icon
Social Media Feather
Simple Social Buttons
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