15+ WordPress Plugins to Manage Comments

in CMS,WordPress, - July 8, 2014

Self hosted WordPress sites are extremely useful come with a lot of features but the best part is that you can enhance your basic website even further with plugins. This is not possible with the base package. These plugins come in many forms which helps enhance your blog but one of the best areas of enhancement in the comment section of your blog which can be improved with these plugins. As a site owner spam comments are a real nuisance and these plugins will give you exactly what you need to tackle this issue. Many times you will come across a hard to read captcha before you can post your comment, this is done mainly to avoid spam comments. This is a real bother as well time taking on the long run.


Now with the WordPress plugins for comments you give the luxury of never reading a captcha again to the viewers while keeping your blog spam free. This is done by keeping a check button after the comment. It is very easy for a human to check it but automated spam can’t. This reduces the spam tremendously. You get such premium features when you install these plugins. These can be found for free online from many websites. These plugins will help keep your blog well maintained and in top form. The best part you will really appreciate the decrease in spam comments while using these plugins. So try out these plugins today and never worry about spam comments again.

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