WordPress Read More Plugins that Enables Visitors to Keep Reading

in CMS,WordPress, - February 21, 2015

Free and Premium Read More Plugins for WP

If you are running a WordPress site that has a lot of readable content, chances are that you use or need a setup which display posts as fragments that are followed by a “read more” link. And if you don’t, you really should because you probably want or even need your viewers to read more! These are a great way to increase traffic to your WordPress-based site because it enables visitors to keep reading further without much interruption, effectively keeping visitors hooked on to the same or similar websites for a much longer time.


Save Precious Webpage Space with Read More Extensions

The read more plugins are great for ensuring continuity or reading as well as giving visitors a quick brief about what the article or post is all about. These work great on news feeds or personal blog as they provide visitors the necessary information in a few sentences.

Feature rich Read More Modules

WordPress typically has a set number of words for how long an excerpt can be, but most of the read more modules will allow you to set the length according to your preference. Another simple but useful feature of these intuitive add-ons is that they allow you to put no-follow tags on your read more links, for seo optimization.

  • Easy Custom Auto Excerpt


    By todiadiyatmo.com
  • Read More Without Refresh


    By George Gkouvousis
  • StripTease


    By Guy Fisher
  • WP Nofollow More Links


    By tutskid.com
  • ReadMore ReadLess


    By Brijesh Mishra
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