7 WordPress Related Post Plugins to improve SEO Results

in CMS,WordPress, - January 24, 2015

Free and Premium Related Post Plugins for WP

The WordPress related posts plugins help in quickly increasing the reader’s engagement with the posts through addition of related posts in the content page’s footer section. The WordPress related posts plugin can definitely help in increasing the internal traffic of the site by 10-20%. Installation is real easy and activation is instant.


Experience improved SEO results

The wordpress extensions help in gaining attention of the traffic while improvising on the SEO and links out to the related posts available all over the web from the composed screens. Now it becomes easier to search for the posts and pick them accordingly. The wordpress related posts modules support different thumbnails, styles, etc. and is totally customisable. It also includes caching option for a better performance. Related posts without these modules can be difficult to include into your WP blog sites.


Get attention from different authors

The wordpress related posts modules offer the perfect in-text links to make the creations more credible and authoritative. These wordpress modules allow your readers to discover related contents by automatically getting them linked at the bottom of every post. Related posts and articles definitely help your readers find different related contents from other bloggers and authors. Visit the BestPlugins site to figure out which WP related posts plugins will fit your requirement. Never worry since download is totally free for all the premium and best plugins available in this site.


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Related Posts for WordPress

  • Related-Posts-for-WordPress

    Premium 9$


CSS3 Related Posts Widget

  • CSS3-Related-Posts-Widget

    Premium 19$


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

  • Yet-Another-Related-Posts-Plugin





Contextual Related Posts

  • Contextual-Related-Posts


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