WordPress Repository Plugins for better File Management

in CMS,WordPress, - February 23, 2015

Free and Premium Repository Plugins for WP

WordPress modules create several storage options for the backup of data. These repository addons often also come with themes and can store all sorts of data such as documents, codes and snippets of coding. These repositories created by addons often create directories to organize your files, thus conveniently arranging them in a manner that makes it easier for users to locate specific data.


Modules to use repositories as backups

There are wordpress plugins that enable cloud based repositories. Users upload their data, such as scripts, codes, documentation, etc. into a cloud server where unlimited databases may be established, arranging files in whatever manner you would prefer. The types and sizes of files may be customized by you. If a user wants, they may get the files uploaded to the repository emailed to them as attachments, or download the files in an archived zip file. Various search options are provided, along with multi-upload facilities.


Addons that give you access to repositories outside

There are addons that enable the access of other, public repositories such as a document repository, for acquiring resources. Addons provide widgets that may show users the repositories they need or they may be configured to provide the users with updates to particular repositories they may be interested in. BestPlugins itself is an enormous repository of extensions that may have the perfect repository module for you.


WP Github Repository plugin

  • WP-Github-Repository-plugin3

    Premium 11$


Google Drive Downloader and CDN


  • Google-Drive-Downloader-and-CDN

    Premium 14$


WordPress Repo Pro


  • WordPress-Repo-Pro

    Premium 14$


SkyDrive Downloader


  • SkyDrive-Downloader

    Premium 14$


WP Document Revisions


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