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The website of a company represents their brand and often serves as the first contact point for consumers. If security is not guaranteed, critical business relationships might be compromised. Internet threats can assume many forms, from site hijacking to the loss of customer information, and a single security breach may spell doom for the business. Despite the rise of strict laws, data breach is common and it can have a lasting impact on user trust and sales if the visitors find out about it. Unprotected websites promote the escalation and spread of malware and attacks on other websites. A secure website ensures that customers can place their trust in the site and are likely to return.


WordPress Firewall Plugins

WordPress firewall plugins thoroughly investigate web requests to identify and prevent obvious attacks. They are difficult to configure but effectively manage to determine problems within a page request. One of the best WordPress plugins, they mitigate immediate threats and respond with a home-page redirect or 404 message.  The plugins  are capable of blocking executable file uploads and remote arbitrary code injection detection. You are free to add whitelisted IPs.


WordPress Password Plugins

The main purpose of WordPress password plugins is to protect your site with a single password. The intelligent user interface and endless features mean that keeping your data secure and private is easy. You can use these plugins to protect your media attachments and files from hot-linking and they even allow you to customize the login page.


WordPress Backup Plugins

There are numerous free and Premium WP backup plugins available for download and you can use them for simple automated backups of your site. These plugins backup your whole site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you. No setup is required and the plugin works in low memory.


WordPress Antivirus Plugins

WordPress antivirus plugins are easy and safe tools that protect your site from spam injections, malware and hijack attempts. The plugins automatically scan your whole template for malicious injections on a daily basis, thereby ensuring blog security. Virus alerts can be found in the admin bar and clean-ups are possible after plugin removal.


WordPress Audit Plugins

Audit plugins for the WordPress platform are a simple and convenient way to keep an audit log of all the changes and other activities of various users. This helps you identify WP issues such as suspicious user activity prior to becoming security problems. Regular security alerts help you stay on top of things on your WP site at all times.


WordPress Login Protect Plugins

Hackers often use brute force attacks to gain access to WP sites. They try different usernames and passwords repeatedly until they gain entry. However, you can protect your site against such threats with the login protect WP plugins. Once a particular IP address reaches a specified number of login attempts in a certain time period, it will automatically get blocked.


WordPress Private Content Plugins

If you wish to display a section of a post content on your WP site only to users of a specific role, then WordPress private content plugins are your best bet. These plugins offer a shortcode in order to carry out their task and the hidden text can only be shown to a certain role. However, the WordPress admins are free to read editor private content or subscriber private content.


WordPress Security Authentication Plugins

Security authentication plugins for the WP platform are a great way to replace insecure passwords and complicated one-time codes with a strong yet effective authentication mode. The single sign on and off process for the plugins is extremely easy and you are guaranteed a rewarding user experience.


Tips to have a Secured WordPress website

WordPress is one of the most developer-friendly content management systems and therefore, is an easy target for hackers. However, it is easy to secure the WordPress website through a few simple steps.

Update Regularly: Every WP update contains security patches that rectify glitches in themes, free plugins or the WordPress platforms itself, thereby deterring hackers. Thus, it is best to keep the WordPress site and all the extensions up-to-date.

Admin Account: All WordPress sites have a default admin account which is often used by hackers to hijack the server. It is best to transfer the Administrator privileges to your new account so that you may delete the admin profile and effectively increase WordPress site protection.

Password Strength: Weak passwords leave the computer open to information leaks and hacking. A strong password, on the other hand, with a healthy mix of letters, numbers and punctuation marks are a good way to deter potential hackers.


WordPress Security Best Practices

Web security is important but it is not always possible to analyse every action before you execute it on the WordPress platform. However, some relevant methods help ensure that your WordPress security is not compromised. For example, when it comes to installing WP plugins, you should realise that fewer is better. Unless you are using a specific plugin, you should disable and remove it rather than letting it sit and get out-of-date and vulnerable. In case the creator of a plugin has abandoned it, you should not download it unless you absolutely need to. While selecting plugins, it is best to pick ones that are updated constantly. Paid or premium plugins are an improvement in this regard since the financial investment usually guarantees a secure and properly updated product. Back up your data at all times and maintain a top copy since retrieving data the old-fashioned way is not only expensive but time-consuming.

WordPress offers a perfect balance of security, responsiveness, easy interface and plugins which promises a great user experience. The sleekness and promptness of the content management system mean that you can exercise control over the site and can ensure that it handles the way you want to present in front of users.

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