41+ Top Free and Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - May 27, 2015

SEO is the single most important web traffic management activity that websites and web designers trust to make their pages more visible, easily accessible and the feature right up at the top of search results made for the target keywords. Importance of SEO in internet marketing is obvious.  Search engine optimization is all about identifying as to how the search engine crawlers rank websites, and fine tuning yours to math their requirements. SEO could involve dozens of activities – URL structure optimization, content optimization, site resource optimization, and web marketing planning. Let’s see how plugins can help you master all these activities.


Most Popular Free and Premium Plugins

The best premium plugins for your site are tools to block ads, install shortcuts for your favorite social media sites, anti malware plugins to protect your computer while you browse online, theme and background management plugins, and a number of ecommerce plugins helping you sell well! SEO enhancements, social media integration, slideshows and gallery management, content optimization, security and updates – all are provided for, with the top rated premium plugins.


WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins

Snippets can be added to your blog posts using the wordpress rich snippets plugins which enable you to add star marks, prices, addresses, votes and various other snippets, customize the colors and fonts of your reviews and control the user activity happening on the page.


WordPress Sitemap Plugins

Making your website user friendly by adding premium sitemap plugins, providing details of the pages in short, convenient images, and providing one click access to various pages can be really useful for attracting traffic.


WordPress Internal and External link plugins

  • Simple Links


  • Fine Tune Your Link

    Premium $5/month

  • Dynamic Internal Links for WordPress

    Premium $15

Using the free download WP addons for internal and external links, you can directly add links to posts, inter connect pages within your own website, and provide one click access to major posts and divert traffic to new areas.


WordPress Dofollow and Nofollow Plugins

Web designers can use the new and free download wordpress dofollow and nofollow plugins to direct web spiders to or away from several posts, influence and control the rankings of pages and even make spam links ineffective, perfect for preventing Google’s Penguin penalty.


WordPress Redirection Plugins

Redirection plugins in wordpress allow you to link users to other pages, sites or portals simply by defining redirection rules in your WordPress setup. This helps webmasters manage events like movement from one domain to another, fine tuning of internal link structure, etc.


WordPress Keyword Suggest Plugins

  • Wordpress Keyword Tool Plugin

    Premium $17

  • WP Keyword Suggest


  • Google Keyword Suggest


Keywords are crucial for website content planning, and the top free download wordpress plugins for keyword suggestions provide you relevant keywords to your content. These plugins provide you the target keywords on which you can base your posts’ content, for SEO leverage.


WordPress Meta Plugins

The wordpress meta plugins for free download allow you to extract metadata for any portion of the site, analyze and change or crunch the portion of metadata and find and alter any part of it.


WordPress Url Plugins

Premium and free download wordpress url plugins allow you to place links and urls to your pages within posts and relevant content, post shortened urls at various places and also provide one click share features for the urls.


WordPress Content Management Plugins

Features to facilitate easy management of posts’ content, pictures and other content elements of your website, reformatting and changing the layout or themes and maintaining the database along with proper links can be easily done using the free download wordpress content management plugins.

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