WordPress Plugins for email signup form integration

in CMS,WordPress, - March 30, 2015

Free and Premium Signup Plugins for WP

The WordPress Signup Plugins are extremely essential plugins for any WordPress blog since they allow you to generate a customizable HTML email that may be sent to the visitors of your blog in an easy and convenient manner. The plug integrates an email signup form in your blog which can be filled by the visitors to get an email. You should check out BestPlugins, which is one of the most trusted sites for WordPress plugins and allows you to add the best sign up form to your WordPress blog.


Features of the WordPress Signup Plugins for your Blog

This plugin helps to keep in touch with existing subscribers to your blog since you can send the email and names of the visitors to an email address of your choosing, and this helps you collect email addresses for your blog newsletter along with leads for your sales force prior to redirecting the users to a brochure when they click on the newsletter signup.


How your Blog can benefit from WordPress Signup Plugins

The WP plugin allows you to collect the email addresses of all the visitors to your blog once the email signup is complete. It can then facilitate user redirection and even comes with auto-responder capabilities.


WP Newsletter Signup


  • WP-Newsletter-Signup

    Premium 19$


Closed Beta



MailChimp Signup Forms


  • MailChimp-Signup-Forms

    Premium 11$


Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms


  • Simple-Campaign-Monitor-Signup-Forms1

    Premium 7$


Signup Code



Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms


  • Simple-Mail-Chimp-Signup-Forms

    Premium 7$


Sign-up Sheets



Easy Sign Up



Simple Signup Form




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