4 Plugins that Add Skype to WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - February 27, 2015

Free and Premium Skype Plugins for WP

For the people who like to stay in touch with people around the world at the click of a button and get live updates from them, the WP skype plugins are the perfect things for use for them. You can install the wordpress extensions and then get one touch access to all your access from your wordpress website itself and allow your users to access their contacts also.


Get one touch access to all contacts for live chat

Using the wordpress add-ons you can get one touch access to your skype accounts and can use them to conduct live chats and conferences with your contacts. You can also allow users to access their contacts and find new ones to socialize with and then create a conferencing system for them to popularize your website even more.

Leave your social footprint with one touch access

You can use the skype plugin to share your activities and updates with contacts and friends on social networking sites and directly through the skype plugin which is connected to your various online accounts. Moreover, you can also access and update your details and statuses on social accounts using these skype plugins which provide the ease of access.


  • Skype-Master

    Premium 35$

  • WordPress-Simple-Skype-Status-Widget

    Premium 9$

  • Skype-Online-Status


  • ClickDesk Live Support


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