WordPress Plugins that send SMS to users Automatically

in CMS,WordPress, - February 27, 2015

Free and Premium SMS Plugins for WP

If you have a website and need to send automated sms messages to users or if you want to allow your subscribers to send sms easily from the website, you can install the WP plugins in your website. Using these extensions you can send automated messages to all registered numbers for all new posts, newsletters, updates, important information and other things without even having to type in the details every time.


Auto save content of messages for wide scale use

You can use the WP add-on to create pre saved messages which are automatically sent out to contacts whenever a trigger is applied or some pre-decided thing happens. And you can set the content for the messages which is repeated automatically in all sms messages and the plugin automatically detects the contacts to whom to send it based on categories which you have already decided.


Allow users to send sms from their accounts

You can also allow users to send free sms from their accounts by installing these sms extensions and then see your user ratings climb the charts. Or you can also store contact details of the users and then send them newsletters automatically via sms or any important updates.

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