Social Login or Sign in Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - January 2, 2015

Free and Premium WordPress Social Login Plugins

With WordPress establishing its supremacy as a platform of choice for website makers across the world, the real grounds for competition become more about getting the marketing mix right and attracting organic traffic as well as inorganic traffic to websites. Social media is the perfect set of spices for you to cook up a success recipe. Opening up gates for social interaction and exchanges with web users is imperative to maximizing returns of traffic from social media, and at the core of it is the task of enabling social logins for your website’s viewers. With a social gateway, your website succeeds in enticing users to share their digital address with you, which you can further use to build up numbers of social signal measurements like Facebook likes and Twitter tweets. WordPress Social plugins are the starting point of activating a digital social marketing strategy for your website.

Social Login Plugins – Facilitating Quicker Social Recognition

Contrary to popular opinion, social login plugins are a lot more than just login gateways to your website’s comments and membership sections. You can use all in one social login plugins to ensure that your website recognizes every secure social network’s profile login credentials. Social marketing plugins give the option of liking, commenting, and sharing post content to users. Tweaking the arrangement of social login icons and sidebars in terms of aesthetics is also easily facilitated. Check out the best of social login plugins today and make your WordPress website smarter and socially relevant.

WordPress Social Login

Register on sites using your social media accounts, integrate your social accounts with websites and share and transmit content across platforms using Social Login.

  • WordPress Social Login


    By Miled

Login Radius – Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Commenting and more!

View and comment on profiles using your social details, import data from social sites and access customizable options using the Login Radius.

  • Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Commenting and more

    Free and Pro (Starts at $149)


Social Login

Forego form fill up using social login features, use sidebars for easy social shortcuts and share details on various sites together using Social Login.

Add This – Social Connect

Make users sign up easily and get their entire details using social login, tag posts with usernames and share posts automatically on social sites using Add This.

  • AddThis Social Sign In



Janrain Social Login

Customize the interface using social login, import data from your social networks, share data to social sites and link existing accounts across networks using Janrain.

  • Janrain Social Login



Woo commerce – Social Login

Auto Redirect users after they register with social logins, auto integrate check out pages for users and import user details from social sites using Woocommerce.

  • WooCommerce Social Login - WordPress plugin

    Premium $28


UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login

Manually approve and import user profiles from social sites, maintain member directories and records and restrict content publishing between websites using User Pro.

  • UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login

    Premium $28

    By Deluxthemes

Social Login for WordPress

Compare and match user data while social login, link accounts using emails, get real time data and securely link accounts using Social Login.

  • Social Login for WordPress

    Premium $16

    By codearsalan


Broadcast posts and pull in reactions from all sites in one place, reply from wherever you want and automatically sync various accounts using Social.

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