WordPress Plugins to complete your SSL setup

in CMS,WordPress, - April 21, 2015

Free and Premium SSL Plugins for WP

Adding SSL certificates ensure not just a secure browsing experience but also a higher ranking in the search engines. And now with the wordpress plugin you can create complete SSL certified pages within seconds. The easy-to-use plugins allow users to add an SSL web proxy to the web pages, include the SSL hosting networks into the WP control panel, activate multisite SSL for large ecommerce sites, and even create a cpanel SSL with ease. Also with the SSL extensions in place you will never have to worry about unwanted SSL error in web pages.<


Customize and ensure safety without hassles

Simply add and authorize SSL certificates by filling out simple options in the control panel, and include you SSL host instantly to initiate authorization across browsers. The wordpress plugins also include a SSL search option that allows browsers to instantly recognize and display SSL certificates for your webpage.

Increase the credibility of you site and enhance productivity

The plugins ensure that loading and verification of SSL certificates consume as little time as possible and fetch back the best results and prevent SSL error. Also get your certificates noticed and climb up the google ranking with the SEO options. Trust BestPlugins as your one point source for finding all your favorite plugins instantly

iThemes Security Pro

  • iThemes Security Pro

    Premium 80$

Force SSL



Amazon SES DKIM Mailer



wpFortify for WooCommerce


  • wpFortify for WooCommerce



SSL Insecure Content Fixer


  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer


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