11 Best WordPress Plugins to Get More Traffic to Your Site

in CMS,WordPress, - March 21, 2015

Free and Premium Traffic for Plugins WP

Traffic generation is vital for any site’s survival, and the wordpress traffic plugin makes sure you get that exactly right. Incorporating effective tools such as SEO optimization, analytics, social media integration, tag cloud generation and lots more, the plugin take care of business while you’re busy making awesome content for your site. The addon, with its complete wordpress compatibility, not only acts as a traffic generator but also provides you with valuable information about your visitors for better site optimization.


Generate traffic from every single possible route

Backup your site’s traffic generation with social media integration that allows users from different platforms to connect with your website. The wordpress plugins allow you to generate icons and share buttons of almost all social media sites and help you create call-to-action links for utilizing them effectively. Also create innovative popup styles using the plugins that prompt users to subscribe to newsletter and share your site, without annoying them.

Get in to the details and generate traffic like a pro

SEO goes a long way in increasing website traffic, and the wordpress plugins ensure that you get it right. Optimize options such as title tag generation, keyword density and location, most searched keywords, and automated tag cloud generation using the extensions. Also use the inbuilt analytics tool to get the best data to optimize your site as well. BestPlugins offers a comprehensive list of the high rated plugins on the web, which can come in handy when choosing the right plugin for your site.

  • Social Traffic Pop
  • Traffic Stats Widget
  • Google Traffic Pop
  • Facebook Traffic Pop PRO
  • Traffic Manager
  • Subscriber Traffic Pop
  • Revive old post Pro
  • Mail Chimp Traffic Pop
  • Socialquotetraffic
  • Twitter Traffic Pop
  • Curation Traffic Plugin
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