WordPress Plugins for full Tumblr compatibility

in CMS,WordPress, - January 23, 2015

Free and Premium Tumblr Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Plugins user can hook their sites up with the micro-blogging site Tumblr through the use of various modules. Through the use of such extensions, users may synchronize their activities on WordPress with their Tumblr account, freely sharing posts made on the two sites.


Full compatibility between Tumblr & WordPress using modules

Through the usage of addons, users may be able to become mediators between their wordpress blog or site and the account they have on Tumblr. The best wordpress plugin, once given access to Tumblr may then post content on wordpress to Tumblr. The button that publishes the post would then also automatically make a Tumblr post. Conversely there are also extensions that enable Tumblr reblogs to be posted as native posts on WordPress. Another useful set of extensions works to ensure that the latest posts on Tumblr automatically appear on the WordPress blog or website.


Keep up with Tumblr through WordPress

Cloud storage based extensions allow for several Tumblr accounts that are owned by one person to appear on that person’s WordPress feed simultaneously. There is a great deal of customization possible with regard to the feed as templates with unique fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc. may be chosen. In order to find the most suitable option to sync your WordPress site with your Tumblr, check out the huge collection at BestPlugins.


WordPress Article Social Share


  • Wordpress-Article-Social-Share


WordPress Social Timeline


  • Wordpress-Social-Timeline2

    Premium 13$


Tumblr Photoset Grid/Masonry Gallery


  • Tumblr-Photoset-GridMasonry-Gallery2

    Premium 11$





Social Auto Poster


  • Social-Auto-Poster

    Premium 28$


TumblrWall For WordPress Version 2


  • TumblrWall-For-WordPress-Version-2

    Premium 24$


Justified Image Grid


  • Justified-Image-Gridd

    Premium 28$


Tumblr Widget



Tumblr Importer



Tumblr Crosspostr


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