10+ WordPress Plugins that will Automatically Watermark your Images

in CMS,WordPress, - April 18, 2015

Top Free and Premium Watermark Extensions /Addons for WordPress

Does having people rip of your personal images and use them as they own without your permission frustrate you? Want a quick and easy way to make sure that your images remain your own? There’s no better way to do just that than by watermarking your images. And what easier way to watermark your images than by using these great WordPress plugins that will automatically watermark your images for you. Take your image copyrights to the next level with these great waterpark plugins


Protect your property

Any photographer knows that it’s not easy getting a great shot. What’s worse is that anyone on the internet who has access to your website and its images can use them in their websites, claiming to be their own. By using these watermark wordpress extension, you can make sure that no one steals images directly of your website. And even if they do, you’ll know about it with your watermark.

Multiple benefits of Watermarking

Watermarking has always been one of the simplest ways in which you can ensure that others don’t rip off your images. The best part is that most of these modules will automatically watermark your images for you, effectively eliminating the need to have to manually watermark individual images.

Signature Watermark


  • Signature Watermark Ultra

    Premium 39$


Watermark Hotlinked Images


  • Watermark Hotlinked Images

    Premium 10$





Bulk Watermark



Fast Watermark



Watermark Reloaded Pro


  • watermark reloaded pro

    Premium 14$


Premium Watermark


  • Premium Watermark

    Premium 15$


Watermark WordPress Images


  • Watermark WordPress Images



Transparent Watermark Ultra


  • Transparent Watermark Ultra

    Premium 29$




  • Watermarks

    Free and Premium 39$

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