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XBMC (Kodi) – Amazing Media Player

XBMC, now renamed Kodi, is counted among the best software media players available. What’s more, it is completely free and available for download, being open source. XBMC can play most digital video files, whether from the internet or storage devices, and works on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, via a highly developed interface.


XBMC Addons and Plugins

XBMC has a number of addons and plugins, which are sorted according to their category. These XBMC addons and plugins help users either enhance the video playing capacity of XBMC or else enable it to run different kinds of media. With these, you can add weather widgets, play games, customize skins and appearance, or even get hold of song lyrics and subtitles, in addition to other special features that may be accessed with some premium plugins.

How to install and Manage XBMC Addons Tutorial

The XBMC addons allow users to perform a number of interesting tasks that are not included by default with the XBMC platform. Here we take a look at how to install XBMC addons and how to move them to new repositories and get them working.

1. To install the addons, all you need is a copy of XBMC installed into your system that is compatible with version 10.0.0 Dharma or higher, and of course an internet connection.

2. Now, get started by launching the XBMC copy and navigate to Add-ons tab in the systems panel. Here click on the get add-ons link which will take you the central repositories where you can find hundreds of add-ons you can download.

3. Repositories are kind of like app stores where both official and user developed addons get updated.


4. In the repositories page, you will find XBMC.org addons which is the official page and other user developed repositories like Eden, Frodo, Gotham, and Helix.

5. First let’s take a look at installing from the official repository. In the XBMC.org addons tab, scroll through the given add-on categories and navigate inside to find the one you want to include.

6. Click on the add-on and a new tab opens up providing information about the extension and the version release.

7. On the left you should see options like enable, configure, update, install and so on.

8. Click on the install tab and activate it, if the install is successful you will be taken back to the repository page, with the add-on you have just activated highlighted and presented with the installation status.

9. Once the add-on has been installed, click on it again and click the enable tab. You can also configure and disable the add-on from the same panel too.

10. You can also see the video provided to help with the installation as well.

11. To install unofficial addons you first need to get the user developed repository into your copy of XBMC. In order to do this, visit the repository web listing, find and download the zip file of the add-on you want to install.


12. Place the ZIP file on a location accessible through your XBMC installation such as the XBMC installation directory, a flash drive or even a network folder.

13. Go to the XBMC panel and click on the ‘install from zip file’ option in the add-on panel, navigate to the zip file and install it.

14. Once the install is done, go to the add-ons panel, click on enable addons and navigate to ‘get addons’, now you can see a number of addons opening up ready for installation.


Most Popular XBMC Addons

Some of the must-have features for your XBMC software can be obtained once you download XBMC Plugins and install them according to category. Kodi plugins can help you access audio, video, pictures, skins, games, metadata, lyrics and subtitles among numerous other categories. Service plugins are also available, which may help you to fix, update and enhance necessary components of your XBMC interface. You can also update plugins as and when newer versions become available. With the availability of the best XBMC addons and numerous other categories, the user has over 2400 addons to choose from, most of which are free.

  • Icefilms


    By anarchintosh
  • Ustvcc


    By shailes
  • Einthusan


    By shailes
  • YouTube


    By TheCollective
  • Movie25


  • iSTREAM Custom Windows and Dialogs


  • 1Channel


    By bstrdsmkr

  • USTV VoD


    By moneymaker365


XBMC Audio Addons

XBMC has a number of audio addons available, which cater to content as varied as radio broadcasts, podcasts, and digitally remastered sounds, among others. The best XBMC Audio extensions cater to different kinds of music for different atmospheres, such as Downtempo, Breaks, Chills, Dance, Disco and much more.  Archiving, sorting and uploading sounds also becomes easier with these XBMC plugins, and you can even play games based on musical elements after downloading and installing some of them.

  • AudioPodcatcher

    By Raptor 2101
  • Deejay Audio Plugin

    By karrukola
  • ABC Radio National

    By Damon Toumbourou



XBMC Video addons

The XBMC media center specialises in video playing and XBMC Video plugins can function across platforms and formats to update video quality and reach. Numerous channels can be accessed directly once these plugins are installed, and these range from humour sites, cooking channels, wildlife watches, and the best of youtube videos. The biggest news and entertainment channels are accessible via these plugins, and connect the user to news and views from across the world, in style.



XBMC Picture addons

Connecting your XBMC media player to the world of images becomes very simple with the help of these plugins. XBMC Picture extensions for image-playing help connect to several of the biggest social media sites, as well as popular and niche image-heavy sites, such as those based on comic characters. Photography sites and picture editing and uploading software can also be accessed and utilized more easily once these plugins have been added to your XBMC media center.


XBMC Screensavers

Screensavers not only serve to protect the user interface and battery, but also make your XBMC media center extra attractive. XBMC Screensaver plugins which cater to screensavers offer some of the best and most popular images when it comes to screensavers. You can choose between video and static screensavers through these plugins. Furthermore, many of these screensavers use slideshows, with images either using transition effects or other optical illusions to create a pleasant display on screen.

  • Trailer Screensaver Service

    By kzeleny
  • The Big Pictures Screensaver

    BY Tristan Fischer
  • QLock Screensaver

    BY phil65



XBMC Skins

Giving the XBMC media player its best possible look is a priority for many, and with the help of XBMC Skin extensions for skins, this task becomes relatively simple. Classic skins are made available to users easily through these plugins, and at the same time these are highly customizable. By using numerous tweaks and scripts, these XBMC addons, which can always be modified, these skins can be made to take on a modern look and feel.



XBMC Weather addons

Weather updates and features form a part of the basic outline of any media-playing software, and XBMC scores big with its extensions for Weather. These XBMC Weather plugins offer weather updates from around the world, and are connected to most of the major international sources for weather updates and details. With the help of some premium plugins you can even access the specific weather conditions in time of specific countries as and when you need to.



XBMC Game addons

Games are also currently the order of the day, and any media interface worth its salt will at least include some basic games to keep the bored user occupied, and XBMC games addons cater to just that very need. Classic game formats are either retained or transformed into new formats, to create a small but exciting package of games that you can access and play with ease once you download and add plugins to XBMC.



XBMC Programs

One of the greatest features of the XBMC media center is the ability to connect to and use a wide variety of programs and software packages enabled with the help of XBMC Program plugins. A number of programs are available for the use of artists, and the best plugins cater to the creation or assimilation of one or the other form of artwork. Connectivity to social media programs also increases with the help of these plugins.


XBMC Lyrics

Lyrics extraction and syncing is a bonus feature that forms an important reason for the elevation of XBMC into one of the best media players available. With the help of these plugins, Kodi can support a special sort of lyrics script. These XBMC Lyrics extensions allow lyrics, whether synchronised or unsynchronised, to be embedded anywhere, and also to read lyrics in both .lrc and .txt formats, once saved in the same path as the .mp3 file.



XBMC WebInterface addons

Webinterface addons for Kodi can be used to control the audio and video section of XBMC, and they help to play/pause/skip and display artists/albums or movies before one plays the file. These addons run across browsers and are principally designed for use on laptops and personal computers. Using a browser with a web socket, and after clearing the browser cache before installing the new interface addons, however, helps run the addons faster and more efficiently.



XBMC Metadata addons

Fans of music, videos and movies are characterised by a hunger to know more about the background of the file that they are viewing, and XBMC Metadata extensions for metadata helps him to fulfil just that very urge. Complete metadata can be found on the different aspects of the artwork, including artist information, album information, movie information and such other free trivia on the artwork may be accessed by users via links provided by XBMC plugins.



XBMC Subtitles addons

When watching films, particularly foreign films, or those in which the dialogue progresses at a rapid pace, subtitles are of necessity, and XBMC Subtitle extensions fulfil that need. Links to the various subtitle providers are made available by the best extensions, and one can download the subtitles directly from those sites. Furthermore, the ability to sync subtitles to the video can be added by some of the premium addons catering to this demand.



XBMC Services addons

Kodi has some of the best services on its various programs that may be availed with the help of free plugins. Some of these plugins effect changes on your settings, and you may customize them to execute certain actions in certain situations, such as automatically executing party mode during startup or on screensavers. With regular updates and fixes, the services addons for XBMC always keep the features being offered by media center in tip-top shape.



XBMC has the big advantage of having so many addons belonging to different categories, which not only protect but also enhance its functionality. Besides the basic functions, with these addons, numerous interesting, entertaining or important tasks are carried out while playing different media formats through its free and interactive interface..

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