10+ Plugins to Display Youtube Videos on WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 16, 2014

Ever wanted to include videos on your website from Youtube? Now you can with these amazing Youtube Video Plugins for WordPress. You can include relevant videos to your content making them even more interesting and fun. These plugins will allow you to instantly add videos from you Youtube account to your website without any problems. You also get premium features which include different models of the video player which will be embedded on your website. You can choose from the standard Youtube design or from a few others which the plugins offer. The designs do not affect the efficiency or the speed of buffering. You can include lists of featured videos on your website with these plugins which will ensure easy search for the viewers who want to get a relevant video to the content. These plugins are best for blog based WordPress websites. This plugins are available for free from various websites on the internet.


 You can add multiple videos to each page depending on your needs. Every basic Youtube feature is also available through these plugins like play, pause and full screen. You can even crop a video anyway you want and add that resolution to your website. Looping is another helpful feature which these plugins offer. You can loop for an infinite number of times depending on your choice. These top class plugins will ensure that you have an attractive page which includes relevant videos to help viewers understand the content. Make your WordPress website even better than it was with these plugins.

Youtube SEO playlist for wordpress
YouTube Featured Video
YouTube Featured Video
Smart YouTube PRO
YouTube WordPress plugin - video import
YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus
Vixy YouTube Embed and Download
Youtube Channel Gallery
WP YouTube Lyte
YouTube SimpleGallery
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