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Even the smartest of web users are not necessarily aware of the wonderful capabilities of search engines. Whereas the popular opinion doesn't credit Internet browsers with any responsibility, plugins meant for the renowned browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox help you do more with them. Right from tools to help you personalize your search functions when you use the Internet to those that get you buttons for easy access to the most frequently accessed websites and web content, the world of plugins for Internet Explorer is expansive. Change the way you view and retain multimedia content using flash plugins for Mozilla Firefox, which help you download content such as embedded videos. If you wish to extend the powers of Maxthon, you might want to use plugins that add widgets such as clocks and calendars to the browser. Also, you can overcome all language barriers courtesy translator plugins that effortlessly provide you translated content from web pages in foreign languages. Similar clock and translator plugins are also available for Opera browser. Also, for Safari users, there are these same clocks, calendars, translators and search plugins for users to enjoy using. With all these superb browser plugins, your web browsing sessions are set to become all the more enjoyable.


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