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Internet Explorer has been around for almost as long as the glory period of World Wide Web, and continues to be relevant even today, despite the fact that there are some smart competitors in the web browser market breathing down its neck. A massive contribution in the sustenance of Internet Explorer as a favored browser has been made by the special plugins that discreetly embed into the framework and add more functions to the browser. Whether it's about enhancing your online search experience or taking your online shopping expeditions to the next level, the Internet Explorer plugins library will never leave you wanting. Personalize your online purchasing and add quick access buttons for your favorite web stores using shopping plugins for Internet Explorer. Want to access Boing tools but love IE a little too much to shift to Bing? Well, you could use Bing Tools plugins for Internet Explorer to have your way. You can even make your social networking more enjoyable with Facebook plugins for Internet Explorer, which allow you to search for Facebook content, share content easily on your profile, take out Facebook web slices, and find out people on Facebook.


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