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For all you Maxthon users out there, it’s time to take your web browsing to the next level of enjoyment and fulfillment. That’s because you can now use some truly mind blowing plugins for Maxthon, each of which can add amazing new functionality to your Maxthon browser. How many times have you skipped over web pages because they are in a language that you just don’t understand! With translation plugins for Maxthon, such occurrences will be a thing of the past. With a smart Maxthon translation plugin embedded into the browser’s framework, you will be able to effortlessly convert snippets of text, or the entire web page, into any language. Translation plugins for Maxthon offer conversions to several languages from across the globe, thus making the World Wide Web a truly borderless home for you. Just so that you don’t go overboard in enjoying your favorite foreign content, Maxthon also offers you cute and light clock plugins that can give you a break from looking at the boring clock of your OS. These clock plugins can be customized in terms of how they look on your browser and can hence give discerning Internet users just the experience they want with Maxthon browser.


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