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Mozilla Firefox has had a massive impact on the web browser market, and has made open source a concept that people vouch for. Offering you the most hassle free and substantially secure web viewing experience Mozilla Firefox reinvents how you use and access websites. With some wonderful plugins to add more feathers to the success cap of Mozilla, users have everything to be excited about. Right from integrating your browser with your most frequently accessed social networks to personalizing the way you search for and save new content, Mozilla Firefox plugins have lots up their sleeves. With spell check and dictionary plugins, Mozilla Firefox becomes a special web browser for all those who are into a lot of web content browsing and web based writing. Among other categories of important plugins are translator plugins that help you in converting texts from foreign languages to the ones that you understand. Agile plugins such as cache-clearing and IP checking plugins also add some spice to your web browsing sessions with Mozilla Firefox. If you use the Internet to see a lot of multimedia content, you might want to install a video playback plugin that will never leave you disappointed with a an embedded video that is not playable on your browser.


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