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There are enough Opera users out there to make it one of the most frequently and regularly used ones. No wonders, developers have created some superb plugins for Opera in order to offer added benefits to diehard Opera fans. If you use your browser to access all kinds of website, including those with content in foreign languages, it’s time you installed one of the amazing translator plugins that are available for Opera. All you need to do, with such a plugin installed for your Opera, is to paste the text you want converted into the plugin’s window, or copy the URL of the web page you wish to convert fully into another language. Apart from special translation plugins, there are some pretty smart clock plugins too. These plugins create wonderful looking clocks, in all sorts of colors, and add them to your browser screen to give a little design makeover to the same. In addition to translation and clock plugins, there are utility plugins available for Opera, such as tools to check IP addresses, test website loading speed, take screenshots of the work area on the desktop or laptop, and check spellings and grammar for any content you create.


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