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Safari has always been in the thick of things as far as the best web browsers are concerned. With just the right plugins, Safari as efficient as any other web browser. The range of useful extensions for Safari is pretty impressive, and has the right kind of arsenal to empower your web browsing using this browser. For starters, Safari can integrate with your shopping carts for various stores and can give you the option of adding products right to your cart page without having to move over to the online store. Also, Safari plugins can help you search for content in a more personalized manner. Revamp your social networking adventures with Safari plugins which provide you Tweets relevant to the web page you're viewing and help you find people on Facebook effortlessly. Also, there are some pretty cool and useful plugins for Safari that can help you perform seemingly dicey tasks quickly. For instance, there are plugins that show all the hidden links from a web page, take out screenshots of the active area of the screen, translate content from one language to another, perform quick spell and grammar checks, take you to relate content, and much more.


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