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For all those of you who love to try out new web browsing experiences, SeaMoneky is a cool web browser to experiment with. Moreover, with the plugins library for the browser expanding with every passing day, there are all the more reasons for you to be confident about SeaMonkey. Managing your work becomes a breeze with plugins for scheduling events, adding reminders and alarms, preparing and tracking to do lists, and integrating with email clients. SeaMonkey plugins are not all about work, and give you equally enjoyable multimedia experiences, courtesy plugins to download embedded video and audio content for offline playback. Download managers that can pause downloading and can schedule downloading make your SeaMonkey experience all the more fulfilling. These plugins allow you to mine for downloadable links from web pages and queue them for downloading one by one. Apart from all these, there are cool security plugins that keep you secure from all hacking attempts. You can transform your SeaMonkey into something much similar to Mozilla with sidebar and theme plugins. With all these work management, multimedia, and theme plugins, SeaMonkey inflates in its capabilities and proves to be a web browser worth using.


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