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Concrete5 has swiftly scaled the hard yards to be recognized as a powerful CMS, and its well embellished add-ons library is a lot to be credited for that. Ecommerce add-ons such as shopping cards, dedicated payment gateway widgets, shipping and tax calculators are potent to help you sell well with your Concrete5 website. For bloggers, intelligent blog add-ons such as multiple authors’ management, posts scheduling, intelligent tagging and categorization tools prove to be really useful. If you’re a discerning designer, you’d want to check out slider plugins, image gallery add-ons, designer content plugins, and all kinds of image editing tools. Advanced sliders and gallery management plugins go a long way in adding more design aplomb to your website with Concrete5. With Concrete5, the social media advantage will never be too far from your blogs, product pages and web pages, and that’s courtesy light and power packed add-ons for integrating your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages with your website. Not only can you leverage these tools to bring in more traffic, but can also consider using analysis and reporting plugins to understand user preferences. On similar lines, Concrete5 also offers efficient forms, polls and mailer add-ons. You can even transform your website into a discussion forum with add ons. Inclusiveness is a laudable element of Concrete5, and its plugins build on the same philosophy, as is evident from Wordpress integration add ons. Look no further than BestPlugins to shortlist the most useful Concrete5 plugins, organized across relevant categories.


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