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Drupal is used by the busiest of the busy websites to manage their content and keep the content organized. It is an open source software that comes with uncountable options for customization. Drupal has a long and successful history ever since its launch as a message board in 1999. Anyone is free to download this CMS software and share it online as well. Drupal is a software that’s still evolving according to the evolving and growing needs of the users. This is where lay the importance of the Drupal Plugins. This steadily evolving character makes Drupal a choice of all the leading web developers worldwide. These plugins have extremely different functions and they are similar to PHP native interfaces which can deal with metadata. Most plugins are versatile and can perform multiple functions at once. There are suites of plugins available for Drupal making it a better choice for web developers and site owners. They mostly include Exportables, AJAX responders, Form Tools, Object Caching, Content etc. these form tools are extremely important for any website which deals with customer feedbacks or registration. The AJAX responder is very necessary for handling AJAX requests and customer guidance. These plugins provide additional support for the user interface and much more.


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