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Magento is an open source software that has a Community Edition which can support your online store. It is of course free and open to development by the users. The core code can be modified to add features as well as include certain functionalities indigenous to your particular online store to make it more organized and user friendly. Magento has a number of plugins that can actually make your job a lot easier as a web developer or designer. These plugins can be trusted to provide you a superlative quality of organization and user friendly interface. You can create Advanced Reports for improvement of market reviews and sales. There are extensions which will also allow you to integrate your online business with more than one shipping services like DHL, UPS, FedEx and You can even selectively promote your featured products and offer special discounts, coupons and prices to your selected group of target customers. This helps you to dish out offers for specific target groups that they will find irresistible. Experience the ultimate Search Engine Optimization and promotion via reviews and spread the word about your online store. Some plugins come with widgets that help you spread the word by using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Magento also has a number of extensions which increase the competence of this particular software.


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