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Prestashop comes with over 310 built- in eCommerce features that make creating your own eCommerce website a walk in the park. These add-ons actually help the business owners to boost their business with little effort. But the wide array of the Prestashop modules with their own add-ons and plugins deserves a special mention here. These themes can be customized to suit your website and its purpose. These plugins come to improve the Search Engine Optimization (look for SEO Expert), directly pin products on Pinterest and other social networking sites and much more. The inventory management and the Advanced Search, Advanced Marketplace options promise the organization of a large array of data regarding products with one click of a button. The shopper can hence load the product of his choice directly onto the shopping cart with one click. There are multiple plugins that support product customization like the Product Customization 4.0. You can choose and arrange the products per page and add essential messages like the sizes or “Out of Stock” on the product pictures in the viewer catalog. There are other plugins that allow you, the web builder or owner to design coupons or gift cards for certain target groups among your customers. Send them reminders about abandoned carts and of course help them evaluate their cart value after applying the special discount coupons and shipping charges.


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