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If you are thinking of making your own website without much hassle, Wordpress will be the default platform that will come to your mind. The ubiquity of Wordpress based sites on the internet is easily visible as nowadays, more so because of the numerous plugins that Wordpress supports and which are easily available for free on the internet. The various Wordpress plugins have made navigation easier and have successfully integrated various aspects of a website with the internet as a whole. It is very easy to find the Facebook and Twitter links of a website you are visiting, upload special videos and songs, add sidebars and ad spaces, get RSS feeds, improve security and editing mechanisms, change themes and layouts and hundreds of other features by selecting the relevant plugins which are then linked to your Wordpress based site. The addition of so many plugins has reduced the work that users had to do earlier like going to individual Facebook pages and "liking" them. This in turn has made it easier for the owner to manage and handle the website traffic effectively, using fewer tools than before. So the Wordpress plugins have become indispensable in today's world of internet and websites.


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