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DokuWiki has an extremely flexible API which makes it easy to be extended, especially with the help of Plugins which may include self-written ones. There are a huge number of efficient DokuWiki plugins already available and they span across a huge number of categories and subcategories. DokuWiki plugins may include Administrative Plugins, Syntax Plugins, Helper Plugins, Remote Plugins, Authentication Plugins, Renderer Plugins and much more. The Plugins Manager Plug-in helps superusers to better manage and monitor their installed plugins and install new ones as well. The Syntax Plugins basically extend DokuWiki’s Syntax. There are a few basic functions which all kinds of Syntax Plugins adhere to, which include getType (), getSort(),connectTo($mode) etc. they define how syntax is handles, the array of mode types and to tell the parser if the plug-in accepts the syntax mode. DukuWiki relies on several syntax types to determine which syntax can be nested. There are simpler plugins like the color plug-in, which mostly consist of only a single file. There are several other similar plugins which come in handy, they include the Button plugins, clipboard plugins, boxes, diagram, editing, flash plugins, gallery plugins, calendar plugins etc. these plugins all fall under the previously mentioned types and have signature codes. These plugins have cross-browser compatibility along with small sizes, which ensures prompt and effortless functioning. These well equipped plugins provide a composite experience for DokuWiki users. BestPlugins can be unhesitantly trusted upon to contain a well guided and complete repository of such DokuWiki plugins which extend its functionality.


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